Welcome to Mirshamim´s website

Welcome to Mirshamim´s website

The first and leading company in Israel supplying prescription medicine to the client's home.  

The company provides a convenient and efficient service for people who have difficulty getting to a pharmacy.

The company provides its services to members of all Israeli health services, Kupat holim Clalit, Kupat holim Maccabi, Kupat holim Meuhedet and Kupat holim Leumit.  

Services are provided countrywide and in line with the Ministry of Health's regulations.  

The service:
A representative will visit you, receive the prescriptions and your health service member card, purchase the medicine in a formal pharmacy and deliver the medicine to you in their optimal state. Medicines are purchased in the health services' pharmacies.  

The purchase of medicines in health services' pharmacies is subject to working hours.  

The company does not make profit from the medicine and each customer will pay according to his supplemental insurance purchased at the health service.  

The company's working hours: Sunday to Thursday 08:00 – 22:00    

For orders and further information, dial: 1-700-700-187